Steve Latzig was born and raised in the tree business. The business began in 1951 with Steve's parents, Fritz and Millie Latzig. In the late 1960's, Steve was particularly involved in the nursery operations and often spent early spring in Ludington, Michigan digging birch trees by hand. In 1975, the business officially was named Badger Evergreen Farms, Inc. In 1987 when Fritz and Millie retired, Steve and his wife Cindy bought Badger Evergreen Farms and continue its operation with more than 380 acreas of evergreen trees for nursery stock and Christmas trees.

Providing their own trucking and delivery to customers Steve and Cindy take great pride in producing quality trees for all their customers. Careful selection and purchase of boughs come from seasoned bough pickers that have been with the Latzig's operation for 5 or more years. Seasonal workers also bring years of experience to the making of a quality product that is stored on pallets in a shaded and cool area or cold storage units.

The Latzig's also strive to provide three to five day service on orders taken during the holiday and nursery season.

Steve and Cindy appreciate the return of their valued customers and welcome any new customers as well. For more information, the Latzigs invite you to call 1-800-342-3152 or 715-536-9887 at any time. Steve can also be reached easily on his cell phone at 1-715-218-5351.

The Latzigs look forward to meeting all of your seasonal needs.