HOWEY PREMIUM GRADE CHRISTMAS TREE TWINE The Howey Christmas Tree Twine is a premium grade of twine manufactured from polypropylene and is Designed especially for the bundling of Christmas Trees.  MADE IN THE U.S.A. ADVANTAGES OF THE HOWEY TWINE ARE: *  Every ball is uniform in sized and the footage is guaranteed. *  Twine is waterproof and holds knots well.  *  Twine is spun on the ball in a new way and plastic warapped so it helps to prevent the ball from collapsing at the end and tangling up. *  Howey Twine is preferred by users because it is constructed of mono filament polypropylene instead of split film polypropylene, this makes the twine more soft and flexible so it does not damage the tree limbs. *  Twine ball has full 5lbs Compared to 4 - 41/2 per ball like some other brands of twine.  No. 1500 HOWEY TWINE (RECOMMENDED FOR USE ON AVERAGE SIZE TREES) 1500 ft. PER POUND                 White                                           $95.00 7500 ft. per 5lb. Ball                 40lb - 8 ball carton Tensile Strength 70 lbs           Color - red, blue, green            $85.00 8 balls per carton                     40lb - 8 ball carton   No. 1250 HOWEY TWINE (Recommended for use on medium size trees) 1250 ft. per pound                White                            $85.00 6250 ft. per 5lb Ball               40 lb - 8 ball carton Tensile strength 90 lbs         Color - red, blue          $85.00 8 balls per carton                  40 lb - 8 ball carton   *This does not include shipping & handling charges.