We Will Start Digging Around mid April for Spring Nursery Stock

Badger Evergreen Farm's has a premier selection of Nursery trees including Black Hills spruce, Colorado blue spruce, White pine, and Norway pine. These trees are 2-2 and 2-3 transplant depending on the type of tree.  Trees are planted with 6' spacings. Ninety-eight percent of our fields are heavy clay soil. 

Trees are balled and burlaped in a heavy CBT standard galvanized basked with a 20" - 36" truncated 40" cone with a 10oz heavy treated fitted sock. Trees are tied up with 3 ply and 4 ply rope. For a successful transplant extra rope is added to insure that trees remain intact and stable during travel. 

There is free delivery within 300 miles and a $1,500.00 minimum order. For field pick up, there is a 12% discount. If you are a landscape designer or  have a nursery retail operation and need trees for the season, please click on the pricelist below for details.



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